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Walnut Grove Area Foundation

The Walnut Grove Area Foundation was formed in 1996. A board of nine members meet three times a year to create and promote funding for the Foundation's base. The members of the board represent a cross section of active volunteers from the community.

Foundation Goal

The Walnut Grove Area Foundation's Goal is to establish a $500,000 permanent fund. Each year, the earned interest from this trust is reinvested into our community through a yearly grant application process. These grants are awarded to non-profit (501c3) organizations.

Donor Benefits

  1. Community Ties: A donation to the foundation can enhance ties with Walnut Grove people and tradition.
  2. Donation Security: This Foundation operates under the guidance of Minnesota Foundation. This assures sound management of funds it receives from individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and other foundations.
  3. Longevity: Donations will assure the donor that the proceeds will benefit the community beyond the donor's lifetime.
  4. Tax Benefits: Since the Foundation is a (501c3) public charity, all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.
  5. Donor Designation: The donor can specify as to what his/her contribution will be used for.
  6. Giving Back: It is a way to give back to the community where people had their baginnings.

As of May, 2001 over $30,000 has been contributed to the Walnut Grove Area Foundation. We invite you to contribute and enhance the community of Walnut Grove. No gift is too large or small. It may be given in your name or remain anonymous.

Further Information

Walnut Grove Area Foundation
PO Box 547
Walnut Grove MN 56180
(507) 859-2134

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